Tuesday, October 9, 2018

Great Second Life Destinations: Frog Hollow - An Autumnal Masterpiece on an 8176 Parcel Must Be Visited

Frog Hollow is a masterpiece in economical landscape design. Stella Mahogany has simply performed a miracle on an 8176 parcel. Every square meter of this parcel is a joy to behold --  and no prim, no corner, no view has gone to waste. Frog Hollow simply has to be visited right now in its autumnal glory, so make sure to visit before the landscape turns to early winter snow. Get over here now.

To visit this highly recommended destination:


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Frog Hollow has a Flickr Group:


Photography and Windlight Information: 

I used Windlight Sky Setting Annan Adored Morning Dream in these images.  I brought out red and orange autumnal hues in post processing with photographic image filters.

In case your viewer does not automatically this Windlight Setting as an option in Advanced Environmental Editor, you can ad this by downloading a Zip File from this location and adding the setting to your Windlight folder. Instructions are carried on the home page of the link:


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