Sunday, September 23, 2018

Saturday's Memorial of NakedCarl Paneer - From Bock McMillan's Blog

Photography of NakedCarl Paneer's Memorial Service by Bock McMillan

Carl Gee, aka Blogger NakedCarl Paneer was remember by his friends  at a warm and moving memorial service yesterday at Viper Isles yesterday.

Over 49,000 Linden was raised for various real life charities that NakedCarl supported at a dance party after the event.

Ryce Skytower was one of the speakers at the event.

From Bock's Blog:

"Let anyone who says anything negative about Second Life be answered with "Yes, but you did not know NakedCarl Paneer." And may all of us hope that all virtual worlds in the future be fortunate enough to have their own NakedCarl to let sunlight shine in all parts of the electronic universe." (Ryce Skytower at NakedCarl's memorial service, 9/22/2018)

For more coverage of the event and more photography please head over to Bock's Blog:

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