Thursday, November 30, 2017

Great Second Life Destinations: State Celebrating the Season at Kylie Jaxxon's Holiday Trace

The fresh snows and holiday lights of early Winter are a very short season in Second Life -- with Spring coming early to most destinations in mid-January.  Although there is no snow where I live in South Florida, and very little in the way of below 77 degree (25 celsius) temperature at any time, I can celebrate my love of winter snows at classic Second Life destinations, including  Kylie Jaxxon's new Holiday Trace.

Kylie has a deft touch with landscaping and village placement that is entirely natural and not exaggerated -- you get a sense of being at an actual real world location here that is missing from many other Second Life destinations.

You can visit the Holiday Trace here:

You can check out more blog postings and reviews of this destination over at Scoop it! Destinations:

You can see my photography for the Winter Trace in prior years:

Winter Trace 2016:

Winter Ttace 2015:

The Trace has a Flickr Group:

Kylie Jaxxon's Flickr:

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The Second Life Winter 2017/18 Destination Guide, including sims decorated for the Holiday Season, can be found here. The number should approach 100 destinations by the end of December, 2017:

All photography was done with the regional light setting and a silver reflective light effect with indian summer highlights over at Google's Color Efex Software which is available as a post-process free download and which I wrote about there:

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