Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Great Second Life Destinations: Lick Sim Design's Asian Fusion - Perfect Harmony of Landscape Design

Sera Bellic scores yet again at Asia Fusion, a gorgeous construction of Asian-themed botanical and architectural design elements with just a touch of fun elements such as the panda family set among bamboo groves. I found the interior of the tea houses with realistic sushi sets very delicious and inviting, and perfect for Springtime photography shots. This is a very relaxing destination to visit and one that you need to catch before the Second Life summer beachscapes set in. Highly recommended.
Your Taxi :

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The Lost City of Atlantis

Byrd Island:

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Photography Information:

I used Windlight Sky Setting -- Annan Adored's Morning Dream in these images.  My version of the Firestorm viewer did not carry this Windlight Setting as an option in Advanced Environmental Editor.

I added Morning Dream and other current settings by Annan Adored by the downloading a Zip File from this location and adding the settings to my Windlight folder. Instructions are carried on the home page of the link.  I like all of the different settings and recommend that you download all as photographic options:

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