Monday, April 3, 2017

Great Second Life Destinations: Vietnam War Roleplay at the Gulf of Tonkin

The  Gulf of Tonkin is just one of several sims where military role play happens. Flying helicopters and other aircraft conduct aviation battles and other wargames for those who are interested. While I do not engage in Second Life roleplay, I thought the quality of the builds -- particularly the 1960's era U.S. Navy Carrier Kitty Hawk, the aircraft and helicopters, and the Vietnam tropical town were outstanding. The teleport below will take you onboard the deck of the carrier -- but you will need to sign up for role play and a visitor tag to see the rest of the area. It is well worth a visit.

Your taxi:

The nuclear supercarrier Nimitz, a later development of the carrier Kitty Hawk  is no longer rezzed, but in late 2014, I visited and photographed a range of aircraft onboard.  You can catch my photography and coverage here:

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  1. wow nice shots!!! and what a sexy officer!!! do u know his telephone number??


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