Sunday, April 30, 2017

Great Second Life Destinations: Ceakay Ballyhoo and Cybele Moon's 3-Dimensional Watercolor Landscape "Niamh's Journey of Dreams"

Ceakay Ballyhoo has made a name for herself in Second Life with a unique series of three dimensional landscapes that are a delight to behold.  Ceakay's latest work, Niamh's Journey of Dream, is a charming and evocative collaboration with Cybele Moon. The visitor is guided through a series of tableaus and literally walks into watercolor paintings that the artists have created. The freshness of the medium of watercolor, which should take into account the brightness and texture of the underlying paper on which it is based, can be seen to great effect in this work.

Notecards are available which tell of a tale that the visitor learns about as part of a journey along a pathway during a visit from the starting area. When you arrive, just click on the placards to learn more about your interactive experience.

Your taxi to this highly recommended destination:

For more information about Niamh's Journey of Dream, read Ceakay's Blog:

This is Ceakay's third watercolor-based virtual art installation in Second Life. You can see my coverage of the other two here:

January 2017: The Forest Beyond

August 2016: A Watercolor Wander

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Ceakay Ballyhoo's Links:


Flickr Page:

Marketplace Store:

Photographic Information: 

Visitors are asked to set their Sky Windlights to the following values to the following settings to get the most out of their visits.

Sky: [NB] Sepia 1700
Sky @31m to 40m: "Places Bentham"
Sky @41m to 50m: "Sailor's Delight"
Sky @51m to 60m: "Phototools- Hufflepuff Light 03"
Sky @61m to 4000m: "Sunset"*/

I liked the first setting -  [NB] Sepia 1700 - so much, that I decided to use it in all the images. It is generally  my practice to pick one Windlight Sky setting for post review, and I settled for the golden tones of Sepia. 

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I made these watercolor images using free Fotosketcher software. You can choose watercolor, oil, pastel, or pencil drawing, among other effects, to transform your photographic software. You can also frame your images with a wide variety of simple and realistic frames.

You can download Fotosketcher here:

You then must upload your images to the Fotosketcher web site to complete your transformation effects.

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