Monday, February 20, 2017

Great Second Life Destinations: Lick Sim Designs Visualizes The Lost World of Atlantis

LICK Sim Designs goes underwater and visualizes the mythical City of Atlantis which may lay under the Mediterranean Sea or somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (beyond the Pillars of Hercules) depending on your views of archeological myth. Seabirds and dolphins grace the surface above for those who just want to hang out on a pretty island beach. Structures and statues out of an ancient Minoan civilization greet the visitor as exotic plants and sponges decorate a gorgeous ocean floor.

Walk over the bridge once you arrive at the arrival island (shown above) and jump through the manhole to arrive at the underwater City of Atlantis. You can rez a Yellow Submarine to explore the underwater city.  Hungry sharks with foaming blood out of their mouths, which I thought was a very charming touch, may appear out of nowhere complicating your journey. I highly recommend a visit.

Your taxi:

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Byrd Island:

Experience the Adirondacks:

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