Sunday, January 22, 2017

Eddi Haskell Celebrates His Tenth Rez Day

Photography by Maeve Kilara                            1/22/2017

Happy Rez Day Eddi!

Eddi Haskell Rezzed Into Second Life on January 22, 2007

Photo taken this evening

From Left:

Eddi Haskell
Maeve Kilara  (Eddi's Second Life sister and dear friend of 10 years)
Jandro Haskell (Eddi's partner and Benja Aquilla's alt)
Benja Aquilla  (Eddi's true Second Life love interest)
Ryce Skytower (Ryce's partner and Eddi Haskell's alt)

If all these relationships are confusing to you, welcome to Second Life!


  1. Happy rezz day babi!!!! Ten years in SL you are a celebrity!!!! 10 kisses!!!!

  2. Happy rezday, Eddi, my old friend and mentor in blogging!

    Big hugs!

  3. Hey Eddi, Did you ever live in Michigan in RL?
    Family had a good friend named Eddi Haskell, would be super freaky if it were one in the same.
    my name on sl is Sammy Chronowire

    1. Although I did live in Michigan (I went to the University of Michigan and am a proud Wolverine fan) Eddi Haskell is not my real life name -- just my Second Life name -- who I took from the famous televsion show Leave it to Beaver unfortunately. So you must be thinking of another person!


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