Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: The Pines at Jacob's Pond Decorates For The Winter Holiday Season

The charm of a country town square in very late autumn, with holiday lights and lightly dressed residents -- perhaps experiencing some late season warm temperatures after an early snowfall, which is typical for the American Southwest this time of year, graces The Pines at Jacob's Pond, one of my favorite season-changing Second Life destinations. This is a large town square, which takes up the entirety of a region, set for perfect holiday lighting photographic lighting conditions with the onset of winter evening dusk. Charming winter park vistas and lots of snow-covered automobiles make for some gorgeous photographic opportunities. A realistic and clear icy pond for skaters lies at the center of the town square park,  unencumbered by the pose balls and other paraphernalia that takes away from realism at other winter destinations. I highly recommend a visit.

Your taxi:

All photography was taken with the Windlight settings already programmed at the destination.

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