Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Japan's Fiery Maples Herald Autumn at Shiki Village

The two most celebrated regions of the world in the Northern Hemisphere  most admired for their brilliant displays of bright autumn foliage are the Eastern United States and Canada, and the Mountainous Regions of Northern Japan. Both areas have just the right kind of trees, most notably Sugar Maples and Oaks, which turn the most brilliant shades of golds and oranges. Autumn in other places, most notably Europe, is a longer and more drawn out affair where shades of brown and tan predominate.

Shiki Village, a residential sim open to respectful visitors, is a real delight to visit. There are delightful surprises at every turn, including the monkey-populated spring baths full of candle-lit pumpkins celebrating the fall season. The bamboo pathways, although evergreen, served as a good contract to the brilliant warm colors which now celebrate the autumn season. I highly recommend a visit to this delightful destination.

Your Taxi:

All Photography was taken with Windlight Sky Setting (SS) Atmospheric 14:00 Cloudy which is included in the Firestorm viewer as an option.

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