Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Breathe Sulfurous Fumes At Disturbing Foggy Swamp

Foggy Swamp is an overwhelming destination to visit for Halloween Season, one of the highlights of the annual Second Life calendar. It does not appear that any normal soul has actually resided at Foggy Swamp is quite some time. There are some quaint touches such as the display of large pumpkins next to a tombstone at the arrival area, and an apothecary area inside the large house with moving drawers and other objects that can literally make your skin crawl. Every turn and corner of this special region on Neva River estates is highly recommended and should be visited by anyone who appreciated good virtual design.

Your taxi

All photography was taken with the Windlight settings already set at the destination with ultra photography settings and processed emphasizing photographic detail and structure.

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