Monday, October 10, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Autumn Harvest Season Arrives at Countryside

Countryside at Habitat Springs is a working agricultural region with grain silos, a serious looking brood of cattle, and rows of sunflowers and pumpkins for harvesting.  Autumn have arrived here; a quaint farm stand welcomes city tourists who want a touch of country cider and fresh air on a weekend outing. Perhaps it is the seriousness of Countryside which adds to its charm - particularly in the abandoned trucks and cabs, which just so happen to full of romantic poses for the discerning Second Life photographer. This is a fun destination full of great photographic opportunities. I highly recommend a visit.

Your taxi:

Photography and Windlight Information: 

The sim Windlight Sky Setting at Luane's World is automatically set to Annan Adored Morning Dream. I used this setting in these images.

In case your viewer does not automatically this Windlight Setting as an option in Advanced Environmental Editor, you can ad this by downloading a Zip File from this location and adding the setting to your Windlight folder. Instructions are carried on the home page of the link:

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