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Second Life Destinations: Giovanna Cerise's Variations in The Magic Flute - Soul of Colors at LEA 21

Mozart's masterpiece, The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflote), written in the German language, is one of the most famous  and frequently performed works in the operatic repertoire. The opera is full of Masonic references and allusions, which are often used as design elements in costumes and stage sets. I once saw a spectacular version at the San Francisco Opera designed by the great artist David Hockney which was full of Masonic allusions.

(see David Hockney's illustrations here:

Giovanna Cerise's evocative art installation, Variations in The Magic Flute, returns to Second Life after an absence of four years at LEA 21 (Linden Endowment of the Arts) through the end of August as part of her Soul of Colors art series.  Color, light, shadow, and music intersect in this art installation inspired by Mozart's famous masterpiece. Musical citations which can be played by the visitor by clicking on musical notes accompany dramatic three-dimensional stagings which represent the libretto, or plot of the Opera.  You can catch a good short summary of the Opera here:

You will also find animated poses that you can interact with throughout the art installation as your continue your journey. This is a gorgeous and highly recommended art  installation and one that I highly recommend you visit before it closes at the end of August 2016. Your taxi:


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Photographic Information:

All images were taken using Windlight Sky Setting Riverrock Night which can be found as an option in Firestorm and other viewers.  I used it for bringing out the contrasts and dramatic lighting effects which are so much a part of Giovanna's art installation. In addition, I applied  a 30% Orton lighting effect to each image.

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Recommended Musical Accompaniment:

Although short musical notes can be found throughout your journey through the art installation, you may want to listen to more substantial parts of The Magic Flute through your  journey.  Two of the best known segments are the magnificent overture and the famous aria sung by The Queen of the Night. I run both here on videos from Youtube on a great performance from the 2006 Salzburg Festival conducted by the great Ricardo Muti and performed by the incomparable Vienna Philharmonic.

You can catch the entire performance here:

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