Friday, July 8, 2016

Real Life Hunks for May and June 2016 from Ryce Skytower's Blog

Security Guard and Fitness Model Omar Betancourt

For several years, this blog has run a regular feature called Real Life Hot Guy of the Week.  This coverage has moved over to Ryce Skytower's Blog - this blog is now focused entirely on Second Life and Virtual Reality photography and creative issues.

You can catch some recent posts by using the links featured under the names of the men here. You can catch future posts by linking to this label at Ryce's blog:

You can catch our prior coverage of over 270 very handsome men here and scrolling down:

Fitness Model Blake Price

Film Legend Gary Cooper

Wilhelmina Model Darius Dio

Fitness Model and Celebrity Marc Fitt

Model Andrew Ley

Colombian Model Miguel Orjuela

 Actor, Singer, and Model Scott Gardner

Model Trevor Van Uden

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