Monday, July 25, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Hermoupolis Revisited

Hermoupolis Village, named after a town on the Greek Island of Syros, is a retail and residential  destination with a Mediterranean  feel that is well designed and set in a golden autumnal landscape. There are many nice touches here including working fountains set in bench lines squares, a period streetcar on an electric track, and a little red corvette that fit in well in this plush environment. Textures and scale work very here -- yielding a realism and sense of place missing at other locations. I highly recommend a visit. If you are interested in renting a retail location at Hermoupolis Village contact the owner, Nitsuko’s Nits’.

To visit this highly recommended destination:

I used Windlight Sky Setting [TOR] MIDDAY - Baskaholic to get a warm golden light and antique burnished glow in these images.  This advanced environmental effect  comes standard in Firestorm and some other viewers.

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