Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: The Romantic Oasis of Tajukistan Tahari

Tajukistan Tahari is a gorgeous Gorean destination that evocates an ancient oasis somewhere between the ruins of Petra in Jordan and the Mountains of Afghanistan.  This is an adult destination with a very stylish bath resort with falling rain waters which I show in the lowest image, an animated GIF. The ancient carpets and tapestries remind the visitors of the riches of the ancient silk road which passed through the area. The detailings and textures are what make Tajukistan Tahari special.  Please pick up and wear an OOC (Out of Character) tag before your teleport down to this highly recommended destination.  Please be respectful of Gorean role play when visiting and restrict chat to private IM's.

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I constructed the animated  GIFs above  from 20  individual frames each over at  ezgif.com.

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