Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Preiddeu Annwn - King Arthur's Voyage To The Underworld

Preiddeu Annwn (the spoils of Annwn) is a mystical poem written in medieval Welsh. It tells of a voyage of the legendary King Arthur and his Knights to Annwn, an underground region that is neither heaven nor hell. . Preiddeu Annwn, which dates to at least the 10th century, is one of 56 poems contained in the 14th century Book of Taliesin.  It is also the subject of a delightful and very well executed art installation.

When visiting, you will first arrive in a skybox which I show above.. You will need to adjust your light settings via instructions given in the open book shown below. Those of you without enough graphics power may not be able to properly view the recommended lighting and projections.  Make sure to set your media on -- you will need to click the camera icon in the upper right hand corner of your viewer. You may also need to toggle your controls to hear the sound and narrations which tell the tale of the voyage.

To visit this highly recommended art installation:

One problem I did have was in trying to figure out where the teleport was to the ocean surface (shown below) which is the start point for your adventure to the underworld. The teleport is the round ornament shown between the two book pages. Once below, follow the white dogs to the rock in the island -- the teleport to the underworld will be indicated by a "sit here" sign. You will then be transported to a central area in which you can visit the different parts of the art installation which correspond to the stanzas describing King Arthur's journey.

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