Monday, June 27, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: La Ville Par La Mer dans Le Royaume de Versailles

La Ville Par La Mer dans Le Royaume de Versailles (The City By The Sea in The Kingdom of Versailles) is a well designed shores destination that brings to mind a lush coastal resort destination in the French Riviera or perhaps the Island of Corsica. I particularly liked the chic decorating touches that showed a continental flair for design such as the grouping of large roses in glass bottles on a shop window seen in the lower photo here. The interior of the caf├ęs and shops are a delight. I also liked the seating areas enclosed by lush tropical plantings and waterfalls which blended in well with the long pier and boardwalk.  This is a charming destination full of surprises and one that has quickly become a photographer favorite. I highly recommend a visit.

Your taxi:

Royaume De Versailles has a Flickr Group:

I used Windlight sky setting [TOR] MIDDAY - Nostalgika in these images, which I favor for its warm golden light and clear skies. Nostalgika comes as an option in the Firestorm Viewer.

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