Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Masterwork Machinima: Celestial Elf's The Whale's Song - A Homage To The Threatened Giants of the Deep

The great Second Life Machinima Artist Celestial Elf has produced a beautifully produced Machinima, The Whale's Song, that is filmed in Second Life. He writes the following about whale culture, and they ways that these gentle giants of the deep communicate with each other in a unique culture:

'The first whale culture to be discovered was the ‘song’ of the humpback whale in the 1960s. At the time researchers did not know that what they were observing was cultural transmission between the whales, but they and the general public were so struck by the discovery that the whales were ‘singing’ that humpback whale song was even included in the Golden Record sent into outer space in the late 1970s on the Voyager spacecraft".

You can continue over at Celestial Elf's blog The Dance of Life:

Celestial Elf  also tells us about the wholesale slaughter of the whales and their possible extermination:

"Despite the ban some countries refused to stop whaling. pro-whaling countries, Japan-Norway-Iceland, want to hunt certain whale stocks. Anti-whaling countries & environmental groups oppose lifting the ban - unless whaling is stopped, whales could become extinct".

If you are interested in efforts to help save the whales from becoming extinct, Celestial Elf recommends that you sign this petition to the European Union to stop the wholesale slaughter of whales here:


You can catch Celestial Elf's other machinima here on his You Tube Channel:

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