Thursday, May 19, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: The Yorkshire Moors, and the Windswept Crags of Wuthering Heights

The windswept and heather-topped Yorkshire Moors are renowned for their beautiful desolation and wide open views. They are the setting for one of the most romantic and haunting movies ever made, 1939's Wuthering Heights, based on the novel by the great novel of the same name by writer Emily Bronte. When I walked the spacious sim, and stood on the craggy cliffs looking out at the far distant horizons, I could almost hear the low calls for "Heathcliff", the part played by the great actor Sir Laurence Olivier, much like in the great movie. Although other visitors who are not old movie movie fans may not have the experience that I have, this is a very beautiful and highly atmospheric sim, and very well designed.

The Yorkshire Moors, also called the Yorkshire Dales, is also the home of Rayne's Store and some other galleries and commercial destinations. However, the true beauty of this destination can be found by getting out and walking and seeing the great views and vistas. I highly recommend a visit.

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Photography Information:

I used Windlight Sky Setting -- Annan Adored's Morning Dream in these images.  My version of the Firestorm viewer did not carry this Windlight Setting as an option in Advanced Environmental Editor.

I added Morning Dream and other current settings by Annan Adored by the downloading a Zip File from this location and adding the settings to my Windlight folder. Instructions are carried on the home page of the link.  I like all of the different settings and recommend that you download all as photographic options:

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  1. Hi Eddi,
    excellent photos and write-up. And Thanks for mentioning my blog.

    The included link points to my report about the old sim design named "Yorkshire Moors". The current landscape has the name "Yorkshire Dales" and my follow-up coverage you can find here: Simtipp: The Yorkshire Dales


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