Monday, May 16, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Perceptions of Lucifer at Mourningstar on LEA 11

Fox Night's immersive art installation, Mourningstar, is a celebration of the ideas of the fallen angel who goes by the names of Lucifer, Satan, and simply The Devil in Western Civilization. Mourningstar was inspired in great part by John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost and Gustave Doré's classic 19th century illustrations.depicting the hellish worlds of Dante's Divine Comedy.
The art installation is in black and grey monotones and starts the visitor on a skybridge journey -- controlled by a giant hand which manipulates your journey with strings and tethers.

You will eventually fall to a dark and mark and mysterious earth surfect, very brooding, where different visions of Lucifer himself can be detected in the dark and dead landscape which offers little hope of salvation.

All photography was taken with recommended Windlight settings programmed at the region and set to 256 meters per instructions on entering the sim. Mourningstar is a highly recommended art installation which can be visited through the end of June 2016 at this location:

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