Friday, April 22, 2016

Masterwork Machinima: Berlin 1920's by Pepa Cometa

Berlin 1920's, which is managed by Jo Yardley, is one of the most evocative and best designed historic destinations on the grid.  Berlin in the 1920's was decadent and sophisticated -- the legendary musical and movie Cabaret begins in this period. The Nazis would not take over until 1933 - it was as if the people of Berlin did whatever they could to push culture and nightlife to extremes before the horror of the Third Reich set in.

Still Image by Pepa Cometa from Berlin 1920's

Berlin 1920's is also the name of this excellent machinima by film artist Pepa Cometa. The music and filming of this machinima do an outstanding job in capturing the atmosphere of Berlin 90 years ago. The period music and excellent filmography all contribute to this great work, but there is something else here -- the ability to convey an atmosphere that is so well done. Please make sure to see this machinima and check out Pepa's other Second Life works over on her YouTube Channel.

Still Images by Pepa Cometa from Berlin 1920's


You can catch more information about Berlin 1930's and this machinima here:

Berlin 1920's has a new location:

I photographed Berlin 1920's two years ago. You can catch my photography here:

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