Monday, April 25, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Eupalinos Ugajin's Gravity is a Mistake at LEA 21

Eupalinos Ugajin's new installation at LEA 21, Gravity is a Mistake, is a wonder of animated design. Visitors arrive in the organically shaped skybox shown below and walk out a door to be teleported to the front of a cavernous red colored entrance hall. Make sure to accept the hud that is offered -- or get one upon arrival. As you walk down the hall to central area guarded by a fierce dragon, you will be assaulted by rolling rocks, flying matches, and other objects to complicate your visit. You can click on various objects -- which can give you items such as spears or place you inside spheres that will transport you around the exhibit. The effect is hypnotic and dreamlike, and ultimately exhilarating -- even if you lose site of the quest as I have.

All photography was taken using Windlight Sky Setting Riverrock Night which can be found as an option in Firestorm and other viewers.  I used it for bringing out the contrasts and rich colors which are so much a part of Eupalinos's works. In addition, I applied  a 30% Orton lighting effect to each image.

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Eupalinos Ugajin had a prior art installation over at an LEA sim in November 2014-  "Taxy! to the Zircus"--   that I enjoyed photographing.  It reminds me of the current installation. You can catch my blog post here:


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