Friday, April 15, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: The Gorgeous Skies of The Hell's Haven

Occasionally, on my travels in Second Life to find destinations to cover here, a destination wows me. I stop in my tracks, take the air in, and wonder at the beauty of our Virtual World. Hell's Haven is such a place. There is something about the sky and mist-enshrouded landscape that sets Hell Haven apart. The landscape, which looks delightfully dilapidated works so well with dy high grass blocking a ground vision of a rusted Ford Mustang (please note:  I am not being snarky in the least with this statement, I was captivated!).  Make sure to walk though the opening in the rock formation at the to make your way to a very nice beach.

Helsl Haven is owned and designed by Clarity and Snoob Johnson, who have been kind enough to make their home open to the public- but please be respectful when you visit and realize that this is a residence. You are welcome to peek inside their house, shown on the hill in the top image here, but please be respectful if they are in residence on the sim.

All photography was taken with the custom Windlight settings already programmed at the region.

To visit this highly recommended destination.

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Clarity and Snoob invite you to visit their house at Hell Haven

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