Saturday, April 23, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Beaumont Grove

Beaumont Grove, designed by Screamingtoast, and sponsored by Whole Wheat Landscape & Creations, is a stunning new European inspired destination.  The build, which is divided into a town center and wooded residential area, appears to be larger than just one standard-sized sim, I found myself looking at the viewer map a few times to make sure I had not crossed into an second region.

The shop interiors, including a grocery store located near the arrival dock that I show below, is reason alone to visit Beaumont Grove. I was particularly transfixed by a box of lemons which is near the windowsill display I show in the last image of this blog post. It had to be the most realistic display of its kind I have yet seen in virtual reality.

I also liked the layout of the town - with walkways under brick archways that reminded me of the city of Turin in Northern Italy. The quality of light using the programmed Windlight worked particularly well with the lacy Elm and Chestnut Trees which populate the region. Everything is to scale here which contribute to the realism of this highly recommended destination.

All photographs were taken with the programmed Windlight  settings at the region.

Visitors are welcome to rez objects after joining a group, and visit the houses located on the sim.

Your taxi:

Sim designer Screamingtoast maintains a Flickr site    You can find information on a current photography contest for Beaumont Grove photographers here:

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