Thursday, March 17, 2016

The New Firestorm Viewer Is Huge and Is Taking Me 30 Minutes To Download

There is a new update to the Firestorm Viewer. I am upgrading now. Here are some observations.

Update 4.7.748076

1. The new 64 bit Windows version is huge at 101 MB. I am not sure if the version it replaces is this large, but this is one hell of a program!

2. On my fast connection (I measured it at  49 Mbps which is a very fast connection for most of North America), it is taking me well over 30 minutes to download. Yawn.

I recommend you wait a bit before downloading this -- until the traffic to the Firestorm website is not as busy. You can download the update here.  Make sure to do a clean install and uninstall your old viewer if you upgrade.

I do not expect any problems with the updated viewer, I never have any with Firestorm. However, if there are any I will get back to you with another post.

The new viewer appears to rez in landscape features faster than the older version.

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