Saturday, March 5, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: The Enchanting Realism of Legacy Ridge - But Watch Out For the Birds!

You can smell the sea fog at Legacy Ridge -- as it winds it's way up the low rising hills --  and pierces your nostrils are you dine at the local kebab shop. This is destination oriented to children and families who can take advantage of the many fun rides in the central town square. But most of all, this is a seaside destination --- with coastal mountains crashing into the sea much as they do in Marin County California north of San Francisco. There are surprised at every turn; this is one of the best designed and most fun new destinations I have seen in quite a while. Oh -- about those birds on the telephone lines. Don't be too nervous -- but read below just in case you need to take shelter!

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Although the design of Legacy Ridge was inspired by the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I was reminded of the Sonoma Coast of Northern California when I visited. In fact, once town, Bodega Bay, came to mind. Bodega Bay was immortalized as the location of the famous 1963 Hitchcock horror movie The Birds.  The sparrows hovering en masse on a telephone line -- as seen above -- added to this effect. I am running one of the most iconic scenes from the movie as a tribute.

I would love to see a remake of the scene from the birds filmed  here with child avatars. Someone can animated birds that descend on the children and attack them as they run down hill. It would be a Second Life event worthy of filming.

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