Thursday, March 24, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Entropy III at LEA 16 - Delightfully Disgusting Meat Mountain

Natas Janus' Meat Mountain, a new environmental art installation that is part of the Entropy III collection of works by Natas & Friends that has opened on LEA 16, brought back memories of High School. My most memorable class was Mrs. Rowe's Junior Year Art Composition Class. Having completely nude male and female models who wore these thin little nylon see-through bikini briefs was one thing,  the delightful Art and Music Festival,  where the entire class would gather on her terrace overlooking scenic Northport Harbor for brunch before the event another. However, the main thing I remember were the discussions and arguments about what is art, and how to determine if you are looking at has any real creative value or is simply garbage - the answer depending on your point of view.

Meat Mountain delightfully pushes the boundaries of what we consider art -  and contains several buttons and signs which ask the viewer to consider the timeless question "Yes, but is it art?".  Meat Mountain, also called Tlazolteotl's Grotto (Natas told me that he wanted a more polite name for the installation as an alternative) is composed of items which kill man if used in excess. Meat, which appears to be delicious fat - grained prime beef, serves as the landscape -- with candy, including huge lollipops,sweet high-fructose drinks and other unhealthy items sprouting at every turn. A giant plate of cocaine with a rolled-up dollar bill for snorting and flying pills (are they ecstasy tabs?) remind the visitor of other destructive vices. I literally felt my cholesterol and blood pressure levels rising to unhealthy heights during my visit - and made vows to immediately go back to a healthy Mediterranean Diet as soon as possible.

To visit this highly recommended destination 

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