Monday, March 28, 2016

Eddi's Hot Computing Tip -- The Google Nik Photo Processing Collection Is Now Free To Download

The Google Nik Collection of photo processing tools is now free. The cost was $250.00 before -- but now are free downloads.

They work as stand alone photo applications or as plug-ins for Photoshop and some other programs.

PC World is saying that Google Nik is probably dead with no more updates -- the reason why its free. However, Google is discontinuing Picasa support. They want their users to use Google Photos for online sharing and photo processing. Nik should integrate well with this effort and they may up supporting it. If you like photo processing Nik is fun to play around with, and gives non-Photoshop users a free alternative.

You can download the Nik collection here.  Ignore the bit where it says a 15 day free trial, the collection is completely free to to own right now.

I had some fun experimenting with Silver, a black and white conversion application that is part of Nik. You can see my effort here:

Original Photo -taken at Hermoupolis Village 

Conversion using Nik Silver

Note: After you install Nik, and want to use the different tools as stand-alone apps, you need to search for Google Nik on your hard drive and make a short cut for easy access on your desktop.  It does not generate a short cut automatically.  After, simply drop your photos into the icons in the folders -- some of the applications do not let you upload files directly.

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