Monday, February 15, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: The Mill is Sheer Perfection

Maxie Daviau and Shakespeare  who also goes by the name Skinnynilla (I love Second Life nomenclatures) have designed a masterpiece of an island simply known at "The Mill". And, incredibly, this is their first attempt at a region design. Everything here is unique -- I did not get any sense of deja-vu when visiting. Every turn yields surprises -  including two cool red motorcycles that serve as gorgeous sculpture, a pottery oven that lines up perfectly with a lighthouse in the distance, and fields of red poppies that contrast well with the olive green high summer landscape. This is a gorgeous destination and one that I highly recommend you visit.

Please note: "The Mill" is a moderate sim that is open to all ages, please respect the owner's wishes for no nudity, sexual conduct, rudeness, violence, and weapons when you visit.  Please treat everyone on the sim with respect.

To visit this very beautiful destination:

All images were taken with Windlight Sky Setting Greed 2 which is already programmed at the region. It is also available in Firestorm and other viewers.

Maxie Daviau's Flickr Page:

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