Friday, February 26, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Funky Junk Part 2 - The Underwater Environment

Funky Junk is a collaborative environment between Carmsie Melodie, FreeWee Ling, Elizabeth Wallington Resident and Dusty Canning on LEA 22.  Although it can be visited now, It will formally open tomorrrow,  Saturday, February 27 at  LEA 22 with a 12 house opening party with top Second Life DJ's. Funky Junk is actually one of the best multimedia art installations I have seen in  a while. In fact, it is incredibly good. Everything is made of junk or garbage -- whether it be moving fish, animated devices, or a recycled toilet paper forest. There are two environments to visit above and below water. I featured photographs from the mainland area here on Wednesday. This is a highly innovative art installation, and one that I highly recommend you visit. You will not be disappointed.

Your Taxi:

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