Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: Amazing Imesha, A Bladerunner-Like City Done With Panache

Second Life has several cities which have been inspired by a dystopian vision of the future that the very prescient 1982 science fiction movie Bladerunner originally inspired, the best known being Insilico.  Imesha, a new futuristic Metropolis done with a great deal of style and panache is now added to the virtual genre. The cityscape pulsates with animated style-- you can catch two animated GIF's below. I took these images with the nighttime Windlight  set at the region. This is a very well done sim and highly recommended to just about anyone who likes good virtual design. Make sure to visit.

You Taxi:

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Riff Gaffer - a cool Cyborg I just happened to meet on my visit

I constructed these animated GIFs from 15 individual frames each over at  ezgif.com.

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