Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: The Rugged Landscape and Magical Interiors of Sari-Sari

Sari-Sari is a store that sells poses and decorative items.  The main store is positioned in an clearing surrounded by giant stark grey boulders -- the overall effect is striking and unique. A striking covered bridge serves as the  main architectural feature and focal point for the region.  The large cafe with its well designed interior -- shown in the last three photos in this post -- stands out for unique and natural textures, making best use of wood and other complimentary materials. This is a very well designed retail destinations, totally unique, and particularly gorgeous in winter ice and snows. I highly recommend a visit.

Your Taxi:

Photographic information: 

All photography in the posting uses Windlight sky setting !!JUICYBOMB.COM - Gogo Hearts SL, which gives a nice warm grey tone to both interior and exterior shots. You can download all 5 Juicybomb windlight sky settings here:


Note- There are mystical floating lights near the entrance to the main store, and at the arrival area. I cut my particles to zero since I did not want them in my images -- I wanted to emphasize architectural lines and clear rock formations in this post.

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