Sunday, January 10, 2016

Great Second Life Destinations: BarDeco, A Charming and Realistic Waterfront Town

BarDeco is a charming waterfront town that is actually constructed on 8192 square meters (1/8 of a sim) on the edge of an island parcel.  DJ's perform here, most likely at the large cafe shown in the last photo of this series. BarDeco appears to be far larger than 1/8 of a sim due to excellent layout and trompe de l'oeil visual effects due to usage of some of the most realistic building facade effects I have seen in virtual reality. What appears to be a well provisioned antique store or well decorated home is, in actuality, just a well textures simple prim box. This is a very attractive and surprising destination that proves once again that great building design can occur in limited spaces.  I highly recommend a visit..


The Windlight settings programmed at the parcel and used in these images:
Sky:  Wastes Morning 
Water:  Nacon's Lake Water

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