Friday, January 15, 2016

Great Second Life Art installations: Heritage Part 1 - Vestiges, a Quest Through Fractals, Open at LEA 26

Vestiges is the first part of artist Gem Preiz's Heritage exhibition which is being presented on LEA 26 through June, 2016.

The installation, which pays homage to the design and architecture of ancient civilizations, consists of stunning fractal displays which are presented in high definition.  There are 18 rooms which the visitor must journey through, in order, which represent 9 imaginary citadels which lead into a hidden treasure room. The visitor actually walks through layers of transparent fractals in at least one of the citadels, yielding a very unique and striking  effect.

Artist Gem Preiz says the following about this captivating installation:

"Vestiges" is an evocation of these witnesses of Past. It is designed as a quest and is inspired by stories of fearless adventurers who explore archeological sites or forsaken strongholds to find there the treasures of disappeared civilisations.

The second part of the installation, Wrecks, opens on March 7, 2016.

I show fractal photography from 10 of the 18 rooms presented in order here.

To visit this highly recommended art installation:

Note:  If you cannot find the pathway, hit "control alt T"  to see invisible objects.  Do not try to open doors, just walk through them.

Music to accompany your journey through Vestiges is streamed on the parcel. You can also find it on You Tube:

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