Sunday, January 17, 2016

Great Second Life Art Installations: "Fading Mask" by Haveit Neox at Berg by Nordan Art

Haveit Neox keeps on outdoing himself with incredibly imaginative and beautiful art installations that follow his unique sculptural style of cut-out shapes and balanced placements - usually with some animated elements. His current work, Fading Mask, which can be seen at Berg by Nordan Art is a worth. Fading Mask has at it's center two humanoid shapes -- which are riding a whale or another leviathan in a golden sea. Sculpted humaid shapes circle the central whale, which has a open and animated center which reminded me of the workings of internal organs in a rib cage. This is my own interpretation -- and yours may be completely different. But whatever you think, this is gorgeous art installation and one that you should visit before it closes in March.

All photography was taken with the golden Sky Windlight setting already programmed at the region.

Fading Mask is on display at Berg by Nordan Art through March 31 2016.  To visit this highly recommended art installation:

Haveit Neox has posted the following media for Fading Mask:


Extended Music Score:

Haveit blogs here:

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