Sunday, December 27, 2015

Great Second Life Winter Destinations: The Trace Winter 2015 Edition

The fresh snows and holiday lights of early Winter are a very short season in Second Life -- with Spring coming early to most destinations in mid-January.  Although there is no snow in South Florida, and very little in the way of below 77 degree (25 celsius) temperature at any time, I can celebrate my love of winter snows at classic Second Life destinations, including  Kylie Jaxxon's Trace Too.  Kylie has a deft touch with landscaping and village placement that is entirely natural and not exaggerated -- you get a sense of being at an actual real world location here that is missing from many other Second Life destinations.  Also make sure to visit the interior of the stores in the shopping village and other structures for excellent interior detailing.

To visit this highly recommended destination:

Flickr has two related Flickr sites:

Kylie Jaxxon's  Flickr Pool:

The Trace has a Flickr Group:

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