Monday, December 14, 2015

Great Second Life Winter Destinations: Early Morning Snow Flurries at Sweet Surrender

Sweet Surrender located on the Isle of Peace is owned by Candicetorra and designed by Nessa Zamora (noralie78 resident)􀀀 of Telrunya Designs. It is a magic woodland with magic crystals, swirling lights, and a resident dragon who is quite friendly -- just do not ask him if he is a giant insect as I did (actually I am being snarky here, he was a great guide). Sweet Surrender looks far bigger than one sim due to very well placed (and quite beautiful) mountain and lake backdrops. Although the destination will be changing design every season, I found the winter snows setting quite beautiful and recommend a visit now to this highly recommended destination.


Photography and Windlight Settings:

Sweet Surrender's native Windlight is standard Sunrise, yielding a pinkish morning glow to the snow-covered landscape. You can see this effect in the top four images here.  I decided to experiment with some nighttime settings which you can see in the lower photographs. including the two animated GIFS in the number 4 and 10 position in the post.

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