Saturday, December 19, 2015

Great Second Life Winter Destinations: Let It Snow! Returns for 2015

Many of us who remember the joyous snow-covered landscape of Let It Snow! were waiting for its return. This Second Life holiday classic is back, with gorgeous builds, fields and streams, and fun animals including a realistic reindeer herd just waiting to be photographed. I particularly liked the winding fence with snow drifts spanning the landscape, and the glass pavilion where you can play a grand piano or simply dance romantically with that special someone. The falling snowflakes can cause some lag -- however, I found that simply moving graphics down to "high" from "ultra" cleared up most of my performance issues. The realism here is a good counter to the overdone lighting at some other places which, while cheerful, may not seem that natural to many viewers.

To visit this highly recommended and enchanting destination:

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You can see how Let It Snow! looked in 2014 here:

I made some very pretty pencil conversions of these images -- I decided not to use them on my blog, but you may want to download them for your own use here:

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And finally, if you feel like listening to the famous Holiday Song by the same name as sung by the incomparably schmaltzy Dean Martin, here it is with 40 million Youtube hits. Play it as you tour the sim.

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