Saturday, December 12, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: A Furillen Winter, Set on the Swedish Island of Gotland

Sweden's Island of Gotland is located in the center of the Baltic Sea. It is famous for its and historic capital of Visby, medieval architecture, and limestone hills and rock formations which give the island somewhat of another-world look. It is crowded in the summer months, when the Swedish archipelago and coastline become a  sunlit paradise with some of the most green and dazzling landscapes imaginable.

Gotland is also the location of the remote Furillen peninsula,  home to an abandoned rock quarry and a starkly modern hotel which takes it inspiration from the industrial landscape which surrounds it. Furillen is the inspiration for a beautiful and realistic Second Life region which has quickly become a blogger and photographer favorite, and which stands any preconceived notion of what makes for a gorgeous Second Life winter sim on its head. Never has winter looked more desolate and overwhelmingly powerful then in the cold drifts of Furillen.

The island's programmed Windlight Sky Setting is Bryn Oh's Immersive Grey Dust, and the Windlight Water Setting Blackwater.  These settings yield a rich grey sky and chilly and dark ocean and are evocative of a snowy winter's night in the Baltic. I show the programmed setting in the photograph of the trailer above, and the last photograph of the beach furniture below. I used some different settings including several custom ones the remainder of these images since Winter in Scandinavia actually yields varied and beautiful lighting effects.

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  1. Thanks for this review, which I just discovered. It's very gratifying when someone visits and "gets" exactly what I was trying to do with Furillen. So - thankyou, and best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Serene Footman, owner/designer of Furillen.

    1. You are welcome Serene, and it is always good to get positive feedback like this. Please have a great Christmas and New Year's too!


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