Friday, November 27, 2015

Today is Our Birthday! Eddi and Ryce Photograph Second Life Celebrates Seven Years of Publishing

Animation by Ana Lenabem

Eddi and Ryce's Photograph Second Life celebrates our 7th birthday today.

I started this blog on November 27,2008. I was a Second Life resident for almost two years, having joined in January 2007. I wanted a place to record my experiences in Second Life, a diary that I could share with others. I had not yet discovered my passion for virtual photography then -- this blog has since changed primarily into a forum for my to share my work with others.

I publish another blog for Ryce Skytower,  my Second Life alternative account, and my prime identity inworld these days  --  as Eddi Haskell is the formal "official" side of me.You can find Ryce's blog here.

In 7 years this blog has published over 7,600 posts - which works out to about three per day.  I have decreased the number of posts to about 1 per day in the past several months but should go back to an increased publishing schedule soon.

This blog has over 2.3 million unique page views -- including those from our first year of publishing which are not counted by the Google view counter you can find on this page. This works out to a bit over 300 views per post which I think is pretty good -  knowing that I have readers that enjoy my work makes this all worthwhile in the end.

I have has one rule -   I will never say anything negative, or provide information that should not be shared, about any Second Life resident for any reason, with no exceptions.  Blogging should be fun, and I never want anyone worrying about what is written here.

I gave up counting the number of nations where readers were located several years ago. Our readership according to statcounter reached just about every country in the world, including Greenland, Cuba, and much to my delight and surprise, Vatican City.  About 60% of our readership comes from outside the United States.

Thank you for reading, and it has been a pleasure blogging!

Eddi Haskell (and Ryce Skytower)


  1. Congrats my love! Your are the best and my inspiration, Thanks for all!

    1. Thank you Benja! Love you too! And you are an inspiration to me!


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