Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Romantic Second Life Destinations: Benja and Ryce at Loch Noble

Loch Noble sets a new standard for realistic real-world destinations in Second Life. It is simply stunning and spectacular, and a joy to walk though and photograph. The landscape is scenic Scotland in late summer -- with spacious skies and the wonderful clarity of light that artists the world over in many genres have commented upon through the ages.  The bench above located in the town center is just one of several romantic destinations for lovers and  photographers.

To visit this highly recommended destination (note: SLurl will take you to the town center)

To see my full reviews more of my photography from Loch Noble (note: 2 blog posts):

The Countryside:

The Town Center:

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The drawings on this pace were processed with a pencil effect (#3) over at Fotosketcher.  You can download free Fotosketcher (version 3.2) software at and try these effects for your own photographs.

The following animated GIFs was made from about 20 individual frames each over at

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