Thursday, November 26, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! Also 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland

 Pilgrim Ryce Skytower Photographed at The Mayflower and Plymouth Colony

Thanksgiving Day, which occurs on the fourth Thursday of November, or on November 26 this year, is one of the most important annual holidays in the United States. Millions of Americans will get together with family and friends and share a big meal centered on a roast Turkey, and for dessert a delicious pumpkin pie --  a dish that puzzles most people outside of North America. More importantly, even for people who do not believe in a supreme being or religion at all, thanks will be given for all the bounty and blessings that have been given to you and your loved ones for the year.

The Mayflower

An attractive and educational virtualization of The Mayflower and Plymouth Colony, site of the first Thanksgiving Feast in 1621, can be visited through early December.  Lora Chadbourne has created an authentic virtualization of each based on original research-- original illustrations and paintings of both were never made, or are no longer in existence.  This is a very impressive work that I highly recommend you visit.

Irving the Thanksgiving Turkey

The Mayflower and Plymouth Colony can be visited at the following location. My friend Sherrie Shepherd is hosting the builds on her home sim:

You can see more photography and my full review of the The Mayflower and Plymouth Colony here:

Although the roasting of Pilgrims instead of turkeys on Thanksgiving day is not part of the usual menu, it is part of the 1993 classic dark comedy Adams Family Values.  This is what happens when summer camp counselors lose control of their inmates. I show a video of this scene below:

To all who celebrate the holiday, please have a wonderful time with your friends and family!


Today is also the 150 anniversary of one of the most famous children's books ever written, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (better known as Alice in Wonderland). The novel, telling of the fantastic adventures of a girl named Alice who fell down a rabbit hole, was written by Author Charles Lutwidge Dodgson under the pseudonym Lewis Carroll, and released in 1865. You can find our more here:

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