Thursday, November 5, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations- Scotland in Second Life, Loch Noble Part 2- The Town Center

Loch Noble sets a new standard for realistic real-world destinations in Second Life. It is simply stunning and spectacular, and a joy to walk though and photograph. The landscape is scenic Scotland in late summer -- with spacious skies and the wonderful clarity of light that artists the world over in many genres have commented upon through the ages. A pastoral landscape -  facing spacious lochs bordered by glens and patches of woodland -- makes this destination appear to be bigger than just sim. The attention to proportioned scale -- and texture and detail -- are unmatched.

I highly recommend you visit this gorgeous destination. Please note a small portion of Loch Ness is a private residence and not open to the public.


I featured  photography from the countryside at Loch Ness here on Tuesday, November 3, in my last post  which you can find here:

Photography and Windlight Information: 

The sim Windlight is automatically set to Annan Adored's Morning Dream which I used in these images.  My version of the Firestorm viewer did not carry this Windlight Setting as an option in Advanced Environmental Editor.

I added Morning Dream and other current settings by Annan Adored by the downloading a Zip File from this location and adding the settings to my Windlight folder. Instructions are carried on the home page of the link:

Note Windows 10 Users: I found my current Windlight folder on my C-Drive here.  Simply copy the XML files after you extract them from the Zip Drive, place them in the folder below, and save them in a folder for future use,

Program Files > Firestorm Release x64 > app_settings > Windlight>skies

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