Monday, November 16, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Praries and Mountains of Canada at Kaleidoscope

Krys Vita at Kaleidoscpe

Krys Vita's Kaleidoscope is a warm and inviting vision of the prairies and mountains of her native Canada. Fields of wheat and grazing grasses -- some of which have sprouted wildflowers -- are populated by horses and cattle. I particularly liked the bee hives and honey boxes (or whatever they are called), and period tractors and trucks which dot the landscape. The mountains and lakes in the background appear entirely natural-- you can imagine yourself in the fertile Okanagan Valley in British Columbia, or perhaps the nearby town of Kamloops in real life (note from Eddi-- I have never actually been to these places but always thought the memorable names were very cool).

To visit this highly recommended destination:

Photography Notes: The top 5 images were taken with a custom golden sky setting that Krys created for the region. I used various blue light sky settings for the lower images in this post. Krys tells me that she likes to change her light setting at Kaleidoscope regularly -  so be prepared for possible different effects when  you visit.

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