Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Open House - Cougar Sangria's Lost Horizon Through December 19

Cougar Sangria's newly renovated estate, Lost Horizon, is open to the public through December 19. The classic porticoed exteriors and warm country interiors are very well done - and in my favorite colours, shades of green and terracotta.  Everything is to scale and just about perfect. This is one of the prettiest estates on the grid and definitely worth a visit. I particularly like how the white trim serves as a unifying design element on the walls, columns, frames, and other objects. The one disconcerting thing I found here were cougars who were stalking sheep, but everything is in good fun, and lamb chops are not on the Second Life mountain lion menu.  The cougars will come up and sit on your lap if you ask them to by touching them politely.

To visit this highly recommended destination through December 19. 2015:

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  1. Thank you for such lovely comments and photographs. I am glad you enjoyed your visit to my little corner of the grid and wanted to let you know that I extended Open House through the 19th of December. My cougars will be waiting :) ♥


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