Saturday, November 14, 2015

Great Second LIfe Destinations: A New England Summer At Belleck House

Second Life environmental designer and architect Sera Bellic has opened  pastoral and relaxing Belleck House over at the demonstration region of Oyster Bay for Lick Sim Designs.  The white clapboard church simple framed farmhouse would be right at place in New England- the area around Rhode Island's Narragansett Bay came to mind. I found the interiors of the spacious and open farm house particularly well done, with just the right balance of American colonial furniture and knick-knacks arrayed.  This is a gorgeous sim and highly recommended for photography and just simply chilling out. .

To enter, touch the wooden door in the arrival room at this location:

I usd Windlight Sky Setting Luna%Jubilee%Southern Paradise in these images.  You can download this bright and sunny setting over at Luna Jubilee's web site:

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