Sunday, November 22, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Glass and Light Breakwave, by Frankx Lefavre

Glass and Light Breakwave by accomplished Second Life multimedia artist Frankx Lefavre pulsates with animated light energy. The largest shape at the center of the exhibit, which I show as the first animated GIF, reminded me of breaking ocean waves- and tidal flows. Color elements in the installation -- I show one in the lower GIF animation as the last photograph in this post -- stand out but do not overwhelm in the black space and white shapes that predominate. This is a particularly beautiful art installation that I highly recommend to anyone who appreciates good art in Second Life.

Enable advanced lighting to get the most out of the art installation.  I found that the electronic music that was playing on the parcel to be very complimentary and enhanced my viewing experience.

To visit this through the end of December 2015:


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  1. Thank you for mention my blog post. Your GIF animations are great. The core of Frankx Lefavre's art is the moving effect of the textures and particles.

    1. Thanks Maddy -- your blog is a great resource for anyone covering Second Life Design and Destinations.


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