Friday, November 20, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: Despite It's Name, Sorrow Is A Delightful Destination

Sorrow is a dark and rainy island where chill and damp permeate the air. The rain can be heavy at times, and  houses and a barn offer warm respite. A graveyard is hauntingly beautiful since the deceased do not mind the climate. Go into the charming home with the pumpkin display at the entrance, and you are welcomed to a charming and dry interior done in gorgeous shades of grey and buff. I found the table settings particularly charming. This is a highly recommended destination, and very representative of the "brown" season in New England -- after the bright fall leaves fall, and before the winter snows begin. .

To visit this highly recommended destination:

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  1. Eddi - I love visiting your "Great Destinations" and this one was another delight. The rain at dusk actually gave me the feeling of warmth in solitude. All the best to you! - Dax :-)

    1. Thanks for the compliment Dax! It's knowing that people like yourself enjoy my work that makes blogging enjoyable :).


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