Friday, November 6, 2015

Great Second Life Destinations: The Broken Dreams Project

Jared Palianta has built a very moving memorial to the growing numbers of LGBT and other youth who are taking their own lives rather than face a rising epidemic of peer  hatred and bullying. Jared's Broken Dreams Memorial Project, located at Greymyst Estates, honors the memory of these young victims. including those who were victims of online harassment.  The memorial also raises awareness  of efforts that the Second Life Broken Dreams Foundation. also headed by Jared, in helping teens in crisis and at risk of suicide find the help they need.

I fund the memorial to be emotionally overwhelming.  On memorial granite walls are the names and ages of hundreds of boys and girls who have committed suicide in recent years, together with photographs that show how they looked at better times. They are all so beautiful --  and when viewed as group en masse, show us just how much has been lost, and the huge amount of grief that is being felt by families and friends who must miss them terribly.

Please contact Jared Palianta directly, preferably with an inworld notecard, for more information or with ideas on holding fund raising events.

Donations to help with costs of maintaining the memorial can be made near the arrival area here:

If you would like to find out more or donate to non-profit organizations who are working to counter bullying and stop teen suicide:

The Trevor Project

The Matthew Shepard Foundation

 NoH8 Campaign:

The Ali Forney Project (Provides Shelter for Homeless LGBT Youth):

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Jared Palianta and Ryce Skytower at the Broken Dreams Project

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